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Planning to take your classy sports car to bumpy roads? The Nissan 370z is not designed for any terrain. However, it can cope with the roughest surfaces when equipped with a proper suspension kit. Chassis like Tein coilovers 370z can be incredibly capable. Do not think of chopping your springs – this is a poor decision. Top models offer a broad scope of adjustment, for both regular and extreme use. These are the ultimate solutions that are also reasonably priced.

Potential of Nissan 370z

This is no ordinary sports vehicle. The elegant and powerful coupe boasts an efficient rear-wheel-drive platform. Undeniably, Nissan 370z is one of the best drift cars for beginners. This make is destined to become a classic. It is a stunning combination of power, grip, and safety. Upon its release, the EVO Magazine even called it “one of the greatest affordable performance cars of the last ten years.”

Despite all the praise, 370z has one important weakness – suspension. The original system has room for improvement. This is a common flaw in all the stock cars. Consider replacing it with a comprehensive solution from Tein. These systems are robust, flexible, and pleasantly affordable.

Why Choose Tein?

Tein is a renowned Japanese brand of suspension kits. Its products are known for their quality, longevity, and performance. The company adheres to a rigorous quality control policy. There is no denying that its engineers are masterful at suspension kit development.

Coilovers for Versatile Use

Tein takes pride in the longevity of its products, including Tein coilovers 370z. They are expertly crafted and intended for everyday use. These coilovers are created for both regular driving and occasional racing. As a result, performance and durability are higher compared to other brands. 

Efficient Shock Absorption

Tein coilovers 370z deliver perfect value for money. The absorption elements prevent snapping and breaking. You can be sure your car will not suddenly break down at the least convenient moment. All parts work in perfect unison.

Affordable Quality

Tein Street Basis Z gives an aggressive stance and the feeling of a sports suspension. Despite reliability and efficiency, it costs around $550-$665. This means you get an all-in-one solution that is also incredibly affordable.

Tein Street Basis Coilovers: Overview

370z Tein Street Basis coilovers are suitable for the 370Z (2003-2008) and the G35 models. Enjoy a sporty feel and an aggressive stance. Both internal and external elements are upgraded. This ensures better durability and product life. Here are the key features of these Tein coilovers 370z:

  • The damper is clearly superior to the basic version. Its settings are fixed.
  • The shell case is shorter. 
  • Height is easily adjusted using the ZT coated threaded sleeve. 
  • Corrosion-resistant coating (ZT) is applied.
  • Non-welded adjustment tube’ slip-fit for more thorough coating.
  • An upgraded spring seat is made of aluminum.
  • An upgraded thrust washer is designed for low friction and larger contact surface area. 

This popular ride kit is suitable for daily use and rough-terrain adventures. The lowering range is wide: from 0.0 to 3.1 inches at the front and from 0.5 to 2.1 inches at the rear. Thanks to a shorter shell case, damper stroke is excellent even at the lowest height. 

Tein 370z coilovers offer a balance between increased handling performance and everyday comfort. It is a combination of springs and shock absorption elements. This means you won’t have to look for a suitable shock absorber – it is already included. Dampers and spring rates are compatible as they come from the same brand.

While 370z Tein coilovers are an entry-level model, do not misconstrue its moderate price. Despite the affordability, you will get a broad range of high-class features for flawless height adjustment. The model allows you to easily balance the right and left sides of your vehicle, which is a common issue. Lower the car easily – this kit is so much more than lowering springs. 

This kit is a perfect replacement for any tired suspension. Provide your car with an upgrade, and feel comfortable on any surface. As height is easily adjustable, these sets are worth every cent. Besides, they aren’t costly.

Benefits of Tein Coilovers

Tein coilovers 370z are a great choice for any driver. Tein offers an optimal solution, delivering signature Japanese quality at an affordable price. If your vehicle is slammed, you need efficient shock absorption. Do not even think about cutting your springs! While this will save you money, it is a reckless thing to do. In driving, safety is of the essence. 

Tein coilovers will deliver excellent results for years! Your Nissan 370z will become quicker, more agile, and stable – whatever happens during your race. While Tein coilovers 370z are still a budget set, they are amazingly capable. There is a world of difference between this high-class kit and your old stock suspension!

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