Karamba Casino Canada has been around for more than fifteen years. Ever since it was established, they seem to make their clients happier and that is good news to all their members. Not only do they add games all the time but they are always updated with the latest sports betting odds. Thus, this is such a nice online casino to enjoy all of your favorite casino games and some exclusive ones that only this website has. Add that to the fact that there are plenty of banking options as to how you can withdraw your winnings and add money to your account there. You can’t blame yourself if you feel a bit excited to play all the games on this website.


Karamba Casino Canada offers a huge bonus for those people who just signed on to the website. Believe it or not, it is a stunning $200 bonus for you to use. When you make your first deposit you will immediately get 40 free spins and another 20 free spins on the second deposit. As a result, it is a complete win-win situation when you sign up for this website. Becoming a VIP member also has its perks as you will be able to access some levels that you would not normally have access to if you are not a VIP member.

Security and Fairness

They always try and test each and every one of their casino games in order to make sure that the results are always fair. After all, the last thing you would want to happen is to get cheated at a time when you don’t really know while you are playing your favorite casino games. Also, there is a lock right at where you are typing your personal information so you can ensure that there is no way hackers would be able to access what you’re typing.

Customer Service

They have such a highly trained customer service team who would answer any one of your questions when you talk to them about it. As a matter of fact, they have a live chat where you can talk to one of their live customer service representatives. Of course, this is only available during office hours. If it is after office hours, you can’t really expect someone to reply right away as it won’t be until the next day. If you are in a hurry to solve a problem then that may not work in your favor. Due to how well-built their website is, that problem rarely happens anyway.

Mobile Experience

It is such a wonderful experience to play your favorite Karamba Casino Canada games using your portable device at a place where you can connect to the Wi-Fi. As a result, you can play the casino games wherever you may be. It won’t matter whether you are at home or you are at the office. It is going to be an extraordinary experience to play while you are in transit because that would mean making use of some of your spare time.


For those who are looking for a bit of variety, you will be disappointed to know that there aren’t much options here when it comes to games. There may be 500 games but that is a lot less than the ones that the ones that are usually offered by other online casinos. Also, the customer support is not open 24 hours a day so if nobody replies then that means they’re not at the office anymore. Add that to the fact that it may take long before the money you withdraw would go to your bank account or wherever you decide to put it.

If you’re alright with the few number of games you can play, Karamba Casino Canada is such an amazing option when it comes to online casinos. After all, there is a good reason why it is pretty popular among all the Canadians who tried playing these games on their portable devices. With that said, this website is such a keeper as it should not take you too long to decide in becoming a member on this website and find out the amount of money that you can possibly win.