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Not everyone understands the thrill of riding thousands of miles on a motorcycle. Bikers expose themselves to dust and rain. While others choose the comfort of planes and trains, they set off on their own, craving for the ultimate feeling of freedom. Riding is compared to flying a plane: freed from the earthly bonds, you can do what you really desire. Still, you need to make sure your journey is safe.

Motorcycle accessories make riding more comfortable. Navigators help us find the best route, and rain suits protect against adverse weather. With high-quality toolkit, repairs are quick and easy. The standard range of items includes the following essentials. Follow our guide to ensure you have the best gear. Choose touring motorcycle accessories carefully, and do not sacrifice your safety.

GPS Navigation Unit

Garmin Zumo 395LM


Today, a GPS device is one of the essential motorcycle touring accessories. Increasing numbers of riders are using this technology. Generally, the systems are similar to those for passenger cars. Still, some models are overly complex and confusing for the average rider. Here are the key features to look out for.

Convenient Mounting

Make sure the device will be affixed firmly to your bike. Generally, the universal type is the most preferable, as it is hassle-free. 


The best models are designed with different working environments in mind. They provide comfort and efficiency. From the buttons to the interface, everything is well-thought-out. 

Water Resistance

Of course, rain is always a possibility. Here, the criteria are not limited to waterproof properties. The unit should also perform well when it is freezing, boiling, sunny, etc. Any temperature you may experience can damage it. Consider the typical temperatures in the areas you plan to travel through. 


This characteristic described the ability of the device to withstand harsh conditions. Adventure touring motorcycle accessories are hard-wearing. Steer clear of models that are easily damaged by vibration. 


Naturally, it is the primary purpose of these accessories for the touring motorcycle. Efficient GPS units save time, as they calculate the shortest route quickly. This means the system must have access to the latest maps and regular updates. Otherwise, you may get lost and waste time. 

Voice Guidance

Naturally, when riding, you should focus on the road, not your GPS buttons. You cannot glance at the screen too often. This makes high-quality voice features vital. 

Battery Life

Of course, electric power sockets are not always accessible. Imagine yourself stranded on some highway with no access to maps. Choose motorcycle touring accessories with the longest battery life. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because your battery has run out. Frequent charging is also a hassle. Longer battery life is worth paying for.


You should be able to see the direction clearly, even in the harshest weather conditions. Make sure the device has an anti-glaring feature, so sun rays do not prevent you from following the directions. When it is snowing or pouring with rain, the rider should see images and other data clearly.


Of course, many riders want to save, so they choose the most affordable device. Be careful, though. See if the features and quality are fairly priced. The cheapest models may be counterfeit, and they may compromise your safety. If the gadget breaks quickly, you will have to pay for a replacement. 

Touchscreen Compatible With Gloves

As riders wear gloves, the screen should be responsive to their touch. You cannot take off your gloves every time you want to use the GPS navigator. Not only is it inconvenient. It is also highly dangerous. The best models have specially designed screens which may be used with gloves on.

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth


These gadgets allow riders to stay connected at all times. Through a communicator, you can listen to music, take calls, or converse with other riders. Choose communicator models that provide plenty of talk time (e.g., 17 hours) per charge plus sufficient record time (at least 2 hours). 

Make sure charging does not take forever. Generally, between 3 and 3.5 hours is great. Some of the latest motorcycle touring accessories also include an action camera! These are 2-in-1 gadgets!

Flat Repair Kit

Pit Posse PP3167 Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit


A puncture can totally ruin your day — of course, unless you have the tools to fix it quickly. It is particularly frustrating on holiday or any road trip when you want to savor every minute of your journey. A good kit allows you to get back on your steel horse quickly. So, what do the best products contain?

Some kits are designed for motorbikes only, while others can be used for any vehicles. A high-quality kit may include several dozen elements in a hard case which is also compact. Make sure all the tools have sturdy handles made of high-quality metal. 

Portable Air Compressor

Oasser Air Compressor


Sooner or later, every rider needs a tire pump. It is an important investment, as flat tires are a common setback. Putting a patch is not enough — you also need an air compressor. Today, there is a wide range of pumps designed especially for motorcycles. Choose compact models, so they can easily fit with the rest of your gear. When searching for a pump, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the time needed to inflate a tire (anything under 7 minutes is great);
  • maximum temperature of use;
  • power connection;
  • cooling time;
  • carrying case.

Fuel Siphon

Koehler Enterprises RA990


The purpose of these motorcycle touring accessories is to let you transfer fuel from a drum to a mixing jug and to drain your tank at the end of the day. The best models are simple to use. You need to put one end in the tank and the other one in the gas can. As you squeeze the rubber hand bulb, it creates vacuum pressure that forces the liquid to flow easily. 

In terms of sturdiness, there is always a tradeoff between durability and ease of use. Firm bulbs won’t leak. At the same time, you need more force to squeeze them. Choose an optimal product for your individual needs. The cheapest models may break easily. 

Motorcycle Toolkit

WindZone Essenti-Economy Tool Kit EE-1HD


What does a good toolkit include? You can choose sets designed especially for your bike brand. For instance, the best sets of motorcycle touring accessories for Harley-Davidson contain the following pieces:

  • several wrenches; 
  • locking pliers; 
  • cable ties; 
  • electric wire; 
  • a drive ratchet; 
  • a tire gauge; 
  • a hex key set; 
  • a flashlight, etc.

Make sure the tools are made of durable materials, but they are also quite light. Even a kit with dozens of tools can be compact. Make sure it is not too heavy, so you can keep all the necessary motorcycle touring accessories in the fork bag.

Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Rain Suit


You will often need to dress to get wet. Riding in the rain is fun unless you are soaked and freezing. A good waterproof suit will protect you from the elements. It is a must for any rider. To choose wisely, you need to know which materials and seam types are the best.

Some of the best models are made of a polyurethane-backed nylon shell, and they have sealed seam construction. Suspenders allow you to adjust the fit, and there are vents for airflow underarms. An under-the-helmet hood will eliminate seepage in the collar area.

First Aid Kit

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit


You should always be prepared for medical emergencies. Anything can happen, regardless of your driving experience. After all, riding a motorbike is always risky. 

First aid kits are mandatory motorcycle touring accessories. The most common injuries that riders face are burns, cuts and abrasions, eye injuries, fractures, and trauma to different body parts. A comprehensive aid kit will include the following elements:

  • a first-aid brochure;
  • a small emergency blanket;
  • nitrite gloves;
  • antibiotic ointment;
  • burn gel;
  • sting relief;
  • hand cleaner;
  • Band-Aids;
  • sterile gauze pads;
  • instant cold packs;
  • trauma shears;
  • sterile saline with a squirt tip;
  • medical tape 
  • tweezers, etc.

These are the most basic contents of a first aid kit. Do not take unnecessary risks — this box should always be with you. Accidents are always possible, so make sure you have the right supplies when you need them. 

Final Words

These are the most essential items that every motorcycle rider should purchase. Do not look for the cheapest options: such products will not last. If riding is your passion, equip yourself with high-quality accessories to enjoy every journey. Do not forget about pre-checks: these will ensure you have everything ready for a hassle-free trip. 

Before setting off, always check that you have all the necessary documents with you. These include your driver’s license, insurance for the motorbike, pollution certificate, and registration certificate. In the case of international trips, carry suitable identification documents. 

Finally, make sure the motorcycle is in proper order. Check the level of the engine oil, wash and lube the chain, check the air pressure in tires. Do not start your journey until you have checked the brakes and all electrical elements. These are obligatory precautions. 

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