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Best Motorcycle Gps

Car owners continue to buy GPS claiming it is the best accessory. One small screen will help you cover thousands of miles, saving a lot of time because you will never get lost. Thanks to this significant advantage, motorcycle owners also turn attention to the navigation device. However, they have one question: how to choose the best motorcycle GPS? We are going to find out now!

Motorcycle GPS Operating Principle

Before you buy GPS for a motorcycle, you should see into its functions and capabilities. Countries, cities, and streets appear on the screen only after the biker indicates his location. The multi-functional Global Positioning System determines the coordinates as quickly as possible. It is always connected to several satellites. Using a small antenna, your motorcycle GPS receives signals and establishes your current location. Therefore, the accuracy of the coordinates depends not only on the technical characteristics of the device but also on the terrain. The signal weakens (or disappears) in a tunnel or garage. Besides, the weather (wind/snow/rain/hurricane) affects the signal. Fortunately, several criteria will help you choose the best GPS for motorcycle.

How to Choose?

All devices of the modern world, including GPS, have a long list of features and specifications. A large display, a strong receiver, and a user-friendly interface are the main requirements for a device that is mounted on a motorcycle. Let’s look at all the characteristics and find out what functions they perform.

The dimensions of a GPS monitor play the most important role. They determine the size of all interface elements, plus it will be easier for you to use a larger map with streets, houses, and other objects on it. On the other hand, an oversized monitor will have a negative effect. Such GPS will be too heavy if you want to use it on a motorcycle. Typically, bikers choose GPS with a 4′ or 5′ monitor that handles all the tasks.

Choosing GPS navigation for motorcycle, you should pay attention to its software. This element determines which maps will run on your motorcycle device. If the software is high-quality and modern, then you will see not only the streets but even the smallest houses on your monitor. Moreover, the software affects the speed of your motorcycle displayed on the map and also calculates the time of arrival.

Additional features of modern GPS navigation for a motorcycle will surprise all bikers. All GPS systems on today’s market offer not only maps but also other functions that will make your trip unforgettable. First of all, it is music and videos played on the monitor. In most GPS devices, music/video is played through an SD-card. What media file formats are supported? You will find plenty of them (MP3/AVI/JPEG). The best motorcycle GPS is also equipped with additional USB connectors. If you want to combine all these functions, then pay attention to Garmin motorcycle GPS. Despite its small screen, the gadget offers several additional options designed for all motorcycles.

Does the price matter? Yes! Today’s GPS devices come in a wide variety of prices. So, each biker will choose a suitable monitor with maps, but do not forget that the price determines the number of options available on your device. Cheap versions offer only maps, while advanced GPS will play music and your favorite movies. You can find more detailed information on monitors and prices in motorcycle GPS reviews.

As already mentioned, even the best motorcycle GPS is weather-sensitive. Wind, rain, and fog can drown out its signal, causing the biker to get lost. To avoid these troubles, you should choose a navigator with moisture protection. This means rain will not ruin your screen, and you will reach your destination in time.

Will It Fit My Bike?

The market for GPS devices is expanding every year. Manufacturers are releasing new models with advanced features. Each device is great for all bikes. This variety allows you to choose the best motorcycle GPS in a breeze. Please note that all devices are divided into several categories. Removable GPS navigators are the most popular. These are standard screens that are mounted on a motorcycle. At the end of a trip, you can remove such GPS and fix it on another motorcycle. Such GPS models are fixed on the steering wheel with a special holder.

Do I Need to Pay for Maps?

The best motorcycle GPS systems are offered with starter maps. Usually, they are limited to one city or state. Therefore, you need to check it before you buy it. Motorcycle enthusiasts always need new maps because they like traveling. To get a new set you do not need to pay money…or do you?

Downloading a map of the required region or country to your computer is free. Then you can transfer it to your motorcycle GPS. In this case, we would like to warn you about unofficial maps that are often found on the Internet. They display cities, countries, and your location, but on the other hand, you cannot update them and use additional functions. Furthermore, such a program may contain viruses that will remove information from your GPS.

Some manufacturers improved their gadgets by adding several navigation systems to one device. This update caused a positive reaction from bikers who use the best motorcycle GPS units every day. If you want to protect your bike and GPS from unlicensed content, we recommend using proven maps. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer and pay some money. New maps provide only relevant information, and you can always update them (for free).

So, you can find thousands of free maps that will help you reach your destination. Later, you will notice their disadvantages, so you should buy licensed maps and enjoy traveling!

Do You Need Bluetooth?

In the best motorcycle GPS systems, Bluetooth is used only for connecting to a smartphone/tablet. After that, it gets one of the key options in our opinion. Now your GPS receives calls and SMS. This is convenient since you no longer need to be distracted.

How to connect a GPS device to a smartphone? This is a simple procedure. All you need to do is activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and find GPS. After that, calls and notifications will be sent to the monitor with maps. An incoming call does not interrupt the operation of the navigator, but it stops the operation of voice prompts. In general, this is a useful option because a driver can talk while observing his movement on the monitor.

*P.S. If your smartphone or tablet does not connect to GPS, then you should download an appropriate application from the App Store or Play Market.

Why Not Just Use My Mobile Phone?

Disputes about phones and navigators still exist. Some owners of cars and motorcycles claim that smartphones are more convenient because they perform many functions + GPS. We have several arguments that prove the superiority of GPS navigators. Having bought the best motorcycle GPS, you will immediately notice these advantages.

1) Modern smartphones show a route only when you have access to the Internet. It is no secret that money is charged from your balance for each connection. All GPS devices connect to satellites (free) making up the necessary route. Besides, some smartphones do not provide smooth navigation because they are filled with other applications. On the road, you may encounter “Errors” which takes a long time to resolve.

2) Any bike can be stolen. Manufacturers say that their smartphones are equipped with different applications that help find stolen vehicles. Unfortunately, these options are inefficient. That’s why motorcycle owners choose navigators. A GPS for motorcycle connected to a satellite will find the stolen bike in a couple of minutes.

3) A call to phone causes its navigator to crash. We all know how annoying it is on the road. Therefore, you can avoid this by using GPS. Even if your smartphone is connected to the navigator via Bluetooth, a call will not interfere with your route.

4) Many users believe that even the best motorcycle GPS is for navigation only. Both simple and advanced versions of GPS can play music and different videos. This is possible even while driving.

5) And finally, the complete set of devices. A GPS for a motorcycle is always offered with a holder. This is a convenient part rarely found in smartphones.

As you can see, navigators are versatile and convenient. They will not only show you how to get to another city but also make your trip fun. Furthermore, it is worth noting the price of navigators. They are cheaper than modern smartphones, especially if we are considering popular brands.

Final Verdict

We choose motorcycles because of their convenience. It is an excellent transport for traveling and living in the city. If you like to travel then you need to buy GPS. Modern GPS is not only about navigation – they boast many additional features. They differ depending on their configuration, but if you want to buy the best motorcycle GPS, then you need to pay attention to the characteristics below:

  • Moisture protection;
  • Availability of maps;
  • Software;
  • USB connectors;
  • SD card;
  • Holders.

We have brought a lot of arguments proving that navigators are more convenient than smartphones. Choose devices from reputable manufacturers to avoid troubles. In addition to standard options, GPS will entertain you on the go and protect your bike from thieves!

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