In recent years, a new performance measuring device has been gaining popularity among drivers all around the world. This device is called Dragy, and it has been receiving a lot of positive reviews due to its various advantages and accessibility. In this Dragy review, we will learn about its benefits and detailed information.

What Is Dragy?

This is a newer performance meter designed for your car. It uses GPS technology to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information about the performance of your vehicle. The fastest satellites connected to the GPS are involved in the operation of this device.

The technology of tracking your car’s performance via the satellites is not entirely new. However, in this Dragy GPS review, you will see that it has more advantages in its efficiency, design, and versatility than similar devices on the market.

It measures the performance of a vehicle every 10 milliseconds, making it no less efficient than analogous products, which drivers have been using for years. The software collects data on car performance automatically. You can then post the results online, share them with someone, or even upload to the app itself.

This meter can operate for 10 hours without additional charging. Moreover, it utilizes power only when actually connected to an application and used on the road. It does not waste power during idle time.

How Does Dragy App Work?

In order to use Dragy GPS, you will need to download and install the app on your smartphone. It works on both iOS and Android, making it accessible for everyone. After installing the application, you will be asked to create an account and log in. This is necessary because of its leaderboard feature, where you can share your own car performance with other Dragy users.

In order to turn on the device, you have to press the “Connect” button in the application. You will be connected to a satellite, and the performance meter will start operating. After all the necessary data will be received from the satellite, your device is ready to go. It usually takes just a couple of seconds to receive the data. After launching the meter, you can locate it in your car and see the information about the vehicle performance on the screen of your smartphone via the Dragy app. This makes it easier to see the performance info because a mobile phone screen is bigger than a display on other devices.

Features of Dragy

The new device offers some advanced features for its users:

  • Video feature – you can record a video of your ride with the performance information overlaid on it;
  • Measuring the times of acceleration and braking;
  • G-force measuring; Leaderboard feature – there are multiple leaderboards in the app based on the manufacturer.
  • There you can share your performances on different metrics;
  • Feed – you can post pictures and your performance info on the feed and compare it with your friends and other users;
  • High-quality Bluetooth connection – with a stable connection via speedy Bluetooth, you will save your battery and enjoy high efficiency;
  • 0.01-second playback – this ensures recording your performance without delay.

How Accurate Is Dragy?

This device has shown incredible results in comparison with other similar products on the market. VBOX has been considered one of the most popular and beloved meters for a long time. The side by side tests of both devices made it clear that Dragy GPS performance meter is not inferior to VBOX, and the outcome received after testing are almost identical.

However, despite both meters being efficient and demonstrating outstanding efficiency, VBOX is much more pricy, which makes it unaffordable for some people. In addition, it is bigger and less convenient, which is why nowadays many drivers prefer Dragy.

How to Set Up Dragy?

In order to set up the charged device, you will need to follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Unpack the meter and make sure it is charged and ready to work;
  • Download and install the official application for your smartphone. Create a new account or log in to an already existing one;
  • Press the “Connect” button on the app and wait for connection. It takes about 2 seconds in general to receive data from a satellite and connect to the system;
  • When the device lights up, it is ready to be utilized. Place it in your vehicle and make sure it is fixed. You can use a magnetic plate that comes with the meter in order to place it in the car securely;
  • Keep the phone with the app near you to see the performance.

Now your Dragy is set up! This compact device can be placed anywhere in a car, making your driving experience comfortable. The user-friendly app demonstrates all the stats on a big smartphone screen.

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