Top Deep Dish Steering Wheels

Despite often being overlooked by beginner drivers, the dish of a steering wheel is actually essential to your driving experience. A deep dish steering wheel is perfectly suitable for drifting or racing cars since it allows keeping drivers’ fingers far from signal stalks. However, while driving a road car, one may find it annoying to constantly having to reach the blinkers. A deep dish steering wheel also makes getting in and out of a vehicle quite inconvenient as it is located close to the driver. Yet, these drawbacks can be mitigated using spacers or features like a quick release. 

Nardi Deep Dish Steering Wheel

Nardi is widely known for its guaranteed Italian quality and the utmost attention to detail. Enzo Ferrari himself preferred Nardi’s products over all other competitors! The company provides a wide range of stylish steering wheels, some of which are making reference to classic racing cars and made of Mahogany wood. Others are designed specifically for motorsports and provide a revolutionary strong grip to drivers. Those are made of black perforated leather, with an all-time Nardi logo on the horn button. 

NRG Deep Dish Steering Wheel

A steering wheel cannot make your vehicle faster, of course, but its impact on racing cannot be underestimated. NRG’s deep-dish steering wheels are designed for racing, and racing is where they shine most. And their aggressive appearance, which would make any car look sports-oriented, is not the key element here. What is of primary importance when it comes to NRG’s wheels is their unprecedented grip guaranteed by using top-quality leather in the production. Their spokes are made of aluminum to ensure maximum performance and stylish looks. 

Momo Deep Dish Steering Wheel

Momo possesses over 50 years of experience in the automobile industry. The company’s steering wheels are widely used in NASCAR, along with European and Asian GP2 Championships. Momo provides a deep dish suede steering wheel to guarantee the utmost level of comfort to its customers. However, do not think that comfort comes at a cost of losing grip – Momo’s wheels are among the best for racing and keep proving their efficiency in multiple championships across the globe. The company’s deep dish racing steering wheel arrives at minimalistic design, providing both excellent quality and grip. 

Sparco Deep Dish Steering Wheel

Sparco is well known for its wide range of racing products, yet the company offers some street decisions as well. Driving precision is the primary focus of the company, which has set a task for its engineers to develop steering wheels that ensure an incredible grip and comfort. Sparco also guarantees a variety of customization possibilities for its products, such as depth regulation, along with multiple diameters and material choices. If you are searching for an ultimate solution for a racing track, consider a Sparco deep-dish steering wheel!

Deep-Dish Steering Wheel Buying Guide

The main deep dish steering wheels advantage implies minimized contacts with blinkers during racing, yet it is complemented with a comfortable position for driving and spokes kept away from your fingers. However, many beginner drives face difficulties choosing and installing such wheels into their vehicles. And that’s no wonder – finding a perfect choice suitable particularly for your automobile is not an easy task. There are multiple options to consider, as well as technical details that might be overlooked while searching for a steering wheel of your dream. However, keeping in mind the information from the below paragraphs would help you make a calculated decision and a purchase you will not regret!

Importance of the Diameter

Most steering wheels arrive at a range between 300 and 400 mm in diameter if we are speaking of racing/road cars. There are, of course, exceptions, but these are the numbers you would typically encounter on the market. And they are essential to driving experience since you will have to carefully adjust the steering wheel size to your vehicle’s size, as well as consider whether you prefer to look through the wheel or above it. And keep in mind that it can be uncomfortable to get in and out of the automobile if the wheel’s diameter was chosen inappropriately. 

Depth of the Dish

A distance from the center line of the wheel’s grip to its mounting surface is called the dish. The dish becomes particularly important when it comes to choosing between race/road driving since you would need significantly different dish depths for these two. The dish also determines how convenient it would be to reach to blinkers and other controls. And do not forget that a steering wheel overly close to a driver might prevent you from seeing the road clearly as well as getting in and out of the car with comfort.

Grip Material

Material choice also depends on how you will be using the car. If you concentrate on its racing capabilities, alcantara or similar material is for you since they guarantee a maximum grip. But they get dirty rather quickly, so for casual driving, a leather/wooden grip would suit, since they require less attention to cleaning. If you do plan to use the car for racing, consider getting a pair of driving gloves to ensure an even better grip and less dirt on the wheel.

Lost Functionality

To be driven on common roads, any car requires a horn, which is, however, often not included in racing steering wheels. You may also lose the comfort of a heated wheel, multiple buttons for volume/traction control, and other functions when choosing a deep-dish wheel over a usual one. 

Highly Rated Brands 

A steering wheel is one of the most important elements to your driving experience, both at racing tracks and common roads. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get the best deep dish steering wheel from a reliable company with a wide range of products and many satisfied clients. Consider such giants as Momo, NRG, Sparco, or Nardi. 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for the best drifting solution, a deep dish steering wheel is exactly what you need. It is also quite suitable for racing, yet not perfect for common roads. If you are about to choose one, make sure to pay attention to its diameter, grip material, dish’s depth, and producing company. 

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