Borla exhaust

BORLA 40359 Muffler

BORLA 40359 Muffler


Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler

Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler


Borla Sbc Hot 350 383

Borla Sbc Hot 350 383


What you should learn bout Borla exhaust

The life of each of us is fast, interesting, and unpredictable. Sometimes, it seems impossible to keep up with its pace without a vehicle because we need to have fun with friends, meet business partners or simply take children to school. That is why the number of car owners is increasing every day. A machine is an organism that needs air to perform its functions. If you have a prestigious SUV, a family vehicle or a race car, pay attention to Borla Exhaust which will make your trips as comfortable as possible.

The history of company success

The first mention of the American Borla Company appeared more than 30 years ago. Over this period, it has achieved tremendous success and has been widely recognized. Today, it is one of the best and most reliable manufacturers of exhaust pipes for cars of different classes. In addition, the company owns a unique Borla exhaust system, and its leader, Alex Borla, has patented several other developments introduced to the markets. The company does everything possible to ensure the perfect balance of five important points: sound/performance/appearance/cost and warranty. Surely, it has dozens of competitors, but not one of them can offer a better product for modern cars. This means that a Borla muffler will satisfy your vehicle’s needs by improving its performance.

To prove its superiority, Borla regularly participates in international competitions receiving prestigious awards. For several years in a row, Borla mufflers received the “Best Product of the Year” title. The quality of the products is also confirmed by the cooperation of the company with the auto giants:

  • Lexus
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Mazda

It is no secret that the brands above are the main manufacturers of vehicles, so they use only the best parts to create new cars and improve old ones. Borla is not going to stop. The manufacturer of exhaust systems promises to expand the range of products by offering car owners new solutions for the smooth and long operation of vehicles.


A car without a reliable exhaust system looks inferior, doesn’t it? Even though this mechanism is hidden, it affects many indicators including engine power and driver comfort. Experts say that poor exhaust performance reduces engine power by up to 24%. Because of this, there are many bad consequences.

Borla consists of several units that guarantee the best production result. For each car brand, individual Borla mufflers are developed taking into account the material, the structure of the exhaust, etc. All products are created using new technologies, digital solutions, and analytical laboratories. The Borla website shows products at different stages of production. The company’s infrastructure is constantly evolving. This company employs professionals who know what modern vehicles need.

Borla mufflers features

The company was established quite a long time ago, and it had enough time to take its place in the international market. New Borla exhaust systems have become very popular because they have surpassed competitors’ products. Thousands of exhaust pipes deteriorate due to corrosion since the exhaust gases contain harmful substances. In addition, the surface is exposed to dirt/dust/oxygen. These factors, combined with high temperatures, contribute to the rapid wear of an exhaust system. Borla solved this problem with the help of durable steel, which is not sensitive to the above factors and also endures adverse conditions. Meanwhile, many other manufacturers prefer aluminum, which should be stronger. Unfortunately, this is not so, and models made of this material deteriorate much faster.

It is worth noting some new features of the muffler. This element reduces a Borla exhaust sound and creates comfortable conditions for any trip. As you already understood, all systems work for a very long time because they are created from the best materials. Moreover, Borla creates and launches products that are tuned to increase efficiency. As a result, they provide an increase in horsepower and allow an engine to fully realize its power.

The future of BORLA

Definitely, Borla deserves such a success. The company has come a long way from a small exhaust system company to a large manufacturer in the US/Europe/Asia markets. It is not going to stop because vehicles need new solutions, especially when there is a struggle for the environment. In the future, BORLA hopes to enter into a partnership with new car brands, expanding its influence on all markets. Volkswagen and KIA are expected to join this list. The new generation mufflers will have an improved design, as well as new elements that will reveal the full potential of your car.

Also, the manufacturer will take part in international exhibitions and competitions, and maybe we will see new Borla headers soon.

Facts about Borla exhaust systems 

  • First of all, Borla has all the necessary certificates of product quality, which allow it to provide models to any market. Independent tests have shown that the real quality indicators are much higher than required by the US standardization system.
  • SEMA repeatedly recognized Borla as the best manufacturer in this field of activity.
  • UPS is a fairly popular courier service in America. The good news is that thousands of its trucks use systems of this company. Why? They save a lot of fuel!
  • The BORLA Company took part in the development of exhaust systems for the “Cadillac LMP” and “Corvette C5-R” cars that participate in the prestigious Le Mans races.
  • The American manufacturer continues to enter into agreements with well-known automobile brands from around the world.

Still looking for the best solution for your car?

Over the past 30+ years, BORLA has evolved into a giant in the production of exhaust systems. The manufacturer takes pride in its product range, which is the largest in the industry. In 2019, it continues to improve its exhaust technology for all classes of vehicles.

The steel tailpipes are reliable assistants that not only care about the environment but also improve the performance of your vehicle. The sound reduction is accompanied by increased engine power and driver comfort. On the company’s website, you will find Borla exhaust tips, as well as, the list of products including Borla cat back exhaust systems.

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