BMW F30 accessories

BMW F30 was the first part of the BMW 3 series. This model was unveiled in Munich in 2011. The series in general became a replacement for BMW E90, and it quickly took off! The new generation became a real bestseller in the premium car segment. This was largely attributed to its powerful characteristics and fresh trendy design. In addition, BMW F30 is equipped with a turbo engine, as well as an EPS system.

Every feature of this car is so thoroughly thought-out that all BMW F30 accessories are worth your attention. True car enthusiasts upgrade their models with a wide range of classy features. This concerns both the interior and the exterior. Give your BMW F30 an interior trim, enhance its stereo system, change switches, gauges, or even mats. Whatever the goal, the producer has designed everything to the last detail. BMW is famous for its high manufacturing standards. Therefore, it is so important to buy original accessories with their high quality and attractive outside appearance.

BMW F30 Grille


The radiator grille will transform your car into a more attractive and sport one. This simple accessory looks more modern than the previous models which have absolutely no peculiar features. This kind of BMW F30 accessories is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It perfectly matches the proper places of the car and does not require further improvement. Moreover, this type of grille can be applied for all possible car versions, such as modern, performance, sport, and luxury.

Consider the following peculiarities of BMW F30 grille. These are guaranteed to impress!

  • It is made of strong materials. This means that a mild head-on crash will not damage the engine or radiator.
  • It helps protect the engine compartment from the penetration of foreign objects.
  • The horns are located behind the radiator grille. This means the element will not hinder beeping.
  • It provides the air necessary for the cooling of both the engine and radiator cooling. The system also removes gases that get accumulated under the hood.
  • It improves the way of your BMW thanks to its classy design. There are two options available: matted or chromized.

BMW F30 Spoiler


BMW F30 spoiler is a specifically developed accessory. Its purpose is to change the aerodynamic properties of your car’s body. One of its greatest benefits of such BMW F30 accessories is their ability to prevent body contamination.

The BMW F30 spoiler is quite simple to use. It can be easily installed on the car trunk by the jointing compound or duct tape of 3 meters long. The spoiler for BMW F30 is made of high-quality fiberglass. Therefore, you should not worry about its strength, especially if you buy an original product.

A spoiler may be ordered on the Internet. In most cases, you will get an accessory that is ready for coloring. It should have a smooth surface so that the paint could be applied immediately. Believe us – your tuning of BMW F30 will be incomplete without this accessory. It will definitely suit any type of car. Most importantly, a spoiler is appropriate for the Performance category.

BMW F30 Mirrors Caps


BMW F30 mirror caps, or so-called covers, are more than cosmetic additions. These are among the most important BMW F30 accessories, as they serve for both decoration and protection. If you need a durable product, look for mirror caps made of high-quality ABS plastic. This material is famous for its longevity. Impressive resistance to wear is indispensable for such external parts. Therefore, you will not be forced to buy new ones in a few months.

This material can withstand high temperatures, so you will not see any hardening or cracking. In addition, it is waterproof. This means your mirrors will be protected against any kind of natural damage. Another great advantage of BMW F30 mirror caps is that they can be easily installed. You will not need to call for help.

However, be especially careful when ordering the caps on the Internet. Take into account that colors can be a little different. The sizes can also have some small distinctions. The acceptable measurement error accounts for 2-3 centimeters. Furthermore, make sure that the model of your car coincides with your order to avoid the return of the goods.

BMW F30 Start/Stop Button


One of the most useful BMW F30 accessories is a start and stop button. Using the ignition key every time you need to start or stop the engine is annoying. Now, you can do the same with a single button! Owners of the car model can choose between red, black, and blue. The stock option is black, so it can be replaced with more eye-catching color. The diameter is merely 0.91 inches.

Materials also matter. The button is made of a reliable ABS plastic. It is known for its resistance to wear and tear. It is also easy to install – you do not need to invite specialists. As the button is equipped with a convenient connector, there is no need for cutting or soldering. Just put it in its proper place!

BMW F30 LCI Tail Lights


This accessory can really make your car looking luxurious and presentable. LCI tail lights indicate that your car belongs to a premium class. These BMW F30 accessories are more difficult to install than the elements mentioned above. However, once your tail lights are in place, the job is done. You will not need to perform any modifications, cutting, or drilling. Just remember that the input voltage accounts for approximately 12 V while its power is about 35 W.

BMW F30 Intake Systems

Today, there is a wide range of BMW F30 accessories that enhance the flow of air through your vehicle. Cars with the N55 engine may not satisfy every driver’s needs. Their key peculiarity is that the flow of air is fairly limited. The bottom of the system is light, and it feeds cold air well. The top, however, is restrictive by default. Drivers may easily modify the system in accordance with their preferences.

Intake systems for BMW not only improve the airflow. Top US-produced models offer an impressive range of advantages. They may add over 10 horsepower and enhance your throttle response.

You are also guaranteed to notice dramatic sound improvement. This means you will hear both intake and turbo spooling clearly. In open setup intakes, the filer is completely open. Try using one without the heat shield – your car will sound unbelievable!

Filters are cleanable and reusable, and the system looks impressive under the hood. Systems from top manufacturers are also easy to install and remove – each process takes just 5 minutes. Finally, your new intake set may use the old OEM elements, such as air ducting and airbox base. Overall, these accessories give you great flow, amazing sound, and effective temperature control!

BMW F30 Brakes

Brakes are a key element of any car, and these systems are also prone to wear. Their vital parts are known as pads. They are located between the brake shoe and the brake drum. These pads must be changed regularly. Without them, your rotors, discs, and calipers will quickly wear out.

It is easy for BMW owners to understand when pads reach their limits. Typical signs of wear include sounds of squealing or scraping. You may notice jittery braking or see the indicator go off. Luckily, pads are easy to remove and install.

These BMW F30 accessories are made of different materials. They are ceramic, organic, or semi-metallic. The choice depends on your needs. Semi-metallic options are best for heavy use, while ceramic pads are suitable for everyday driving. Best products offer safety, efficiency, and longevity. They are also noise-free and resistant to corrosion.

Pad replacement does not have to be expensive. You can find decent models at a moderate price. Each set for BMW F30 includes 2 pads, so you need two sets to change all of them at once. Durability depends on your style of driving. As a rule, these parts withstand up to 50,000 miles.

Drivers are advised to change both their rear and front brake pads. This ensures optimum performance. Removal and installation are easy – you can use your jack and jack stands. There is no need to call for expert assistance.

Interior Accessories

You can also buy a lot of BMW F30 accessories for your car’s interior. They will be a delight for your eyes during driving. These include items like:

  • floor mats;
  • seat covers;
  • dash covers;
  • pedals;
  • car organizers.

Naturally, driving should bring aesthetic pleasure. However, you should always start with the exterior. These elements make the first impressions and affect crucial aspects of your car’s performance. Thus, it is reasonable to shop for interior BMW F30 accessories after finishing the exterior upgrade.

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