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BMW F30 has become the first part of the BMW 3 series represented in 2011 in Munich. This series appeared to replace BMW E90. This generation turned out a real bestseller among premium cars due to its powerful characteristics and updated trendy design. In addition, it is equipped with a turbo engine as well as an EPS system. Every feature of this car is so thoroughly thought-out that all Bmw f30 accessories are worth the attention of true car fans. No matter what it is, Bmw f30 interior trim, a stereo system, switches, gauges or even mats, everything is designed to the last detail. Therefore, it is so important to buy original accessories with their high quality and presentable outside appearance. 

BMW F30 Grille

The radiator grille will transform your car into a more attractive and sport one. This simple accessory looks more modern than the previous models which have absolutely no peculiar features. This kind of Bmw f30 accessories is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It perfectly matches the proper places of the car and does not require further improvement. Moreover, this type of grille can be applied for all possible car versions, such as modern, performance, sport and luxury.

The following peculiarities of BMW F30 grille can be observed:

  • Due to the strength of its materials, a mild head-on crash will not damage the engine or radiator;
  • It helps protect the engine compartment from the penetration of foreign objects;
  • It does not prevent beeping since the horns are located behind the radiator grille;
  • It provides the air necessary for the engine and radiator cooling as well as removing the gases accumulated under the hood;
  • It improves the way of BMW looking due to its design (it can be matted or chromized).

BMW F30 Spoiler

bmw f30 spoiler

BMW F30 spoiler is a specifically developed accessory which is able to change the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle body. One of its greatest benefits is the ability to struggle with contamination of the body. 

The BMW F30 spoiler is rather simple in usage. It can be easily installed on the car trunk by the jointing compound or duct tape of 3 meters long. The spoiler for BMW F30 is made of high-quality fiberglass. Therefore, you should not worry about its strength, especially if you buy an original product. 

If your order a spoiler on the Internet, in most cases, you will get an accessory ready for coloring. It should have a smooth surface so that the paint could be applied immediately. Believe it, your BMW F30 tuning could not do without this accessory. It will definitely suit any car type. However, most of all a spoiler is appropriate for the Performance category.

BMW F30 Mirrors Caps

BMW F30 Mirrors Caps

BMW F30 mirror caps, or so-called covers, are one of the most important f30 Bmw accessories since it functions not only as a decoration but also as a protection measure. This detail is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is rather reliable in usage. Mirror caps of this series possess a high wear resistance. Therefore, you will not be forced to buy new ones in a few months. This material can withstand high temperatures without hardening or cracking. In addition, it is water-proof. So, it will definitely protect your mirrors from any kind of damages. Another great advantage of BMW F30 mirror caps is that they can be easily installed. You will not need to call for help.

However, be especially careful when ordering the caps on the Internet. Take into account that colors can be a little different. The sizes can also have some small distinctions. The acceptable measurement error accounts for 2-3 centimeters. Furthermore, make sure that the model of your car coincides with your order to avoid the return of the goods.

BMW F30 Start/Stop Button

BMW F30 Start/Stop Button

One of the most useful bmw f30 accessories is a start and stop button. It gives a driver the ability to start and stop an engine without the usage of an ignition key. For this car model, the start and stop button is usually manufactured in red, black or blue colors. The diameter accounts for just 0.91 inch.

The button is made of a reliable ABS plastic which is known for its high wear resistance. It should be also mentioned that the start and stop button can be easily installed without the help of specialists. It has a rather comfortable connector. This implies that you should not do any cutting or soldering to put it in the proper place.

BMW F30 LCI Tail Lights

BMW F30 LCI Tail Lights

This accessory really can make your car looking luxurious and presentable. LCI tail lights are the indicator of a car of a premium class. Its installation is more complicated than that of other accessories mentioned above. However, it does not require any modifications, cutting or drilling. Just remember that the input voltage accounts for approximately 12 V while its power is about 35 W. 

You can also buy a lot of Bmw f30 interior accessories which will be a delight for your eyes during driving. However, exterior design always makes the first impression, so purchasing these accessories is more beneficial.

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