There is no doubt that BMW E46 is a fantastic car. They are truly awesome and stand well by the time. This car is marvellous and you can upgrade its inside android car stereo. BMW E46 stereo upgrade is now available. BMW E46 3 series are fantastic cars. These cars have a sporty and sleek design. You can enjoy a high level of comfort there. It is a very usable vehicle. But this car has the basic AM/FM radio and the cassette player. But this system does not have good sound quality.

Others may offer you something more like a CD controller or an old designed non-capacitive screen with a GPS navigation facility. The map is out of date and old enough for more than 15 years or so. It also has a useless analogue TV model. The stereo front of E46 is outdated. You can now upgrade your whole car stereo unit. It will completely change your driving experience.

It is always good to upgrade the unit of E46. You can also upgrade the factory unit of the car. Here are some examples of BMW E46 stereo upgrade that you need to check out:

1. Eonon BMW 3 Series Android Head Unit:

Eonon BMW 3 Series Android Head Unitbutton

Eonon is a reputed and fabulous manufacturer of the aftermarket infotainment system. This particular brand works for a lot of carmakers. They offer head units that provide flush to the interior of each model. It is just like factory radios. This BMW E46 stereo upgrade provides great facility and super sound amplification. The Eonon 7-inch screen will suit you perfectly. The 7-inch screen is enough for your car stereo system.

This Android head unit offers the Android 10 version. This is powerful and smooth as well. You can get the facility of multitasking with split-screen usability and other benefits as well. You can get 32GB available space in this android head unit. You can store here the apps, videos, music and a lot of things. You can also expand your storage with the SD card facility. This Android head unit features Android Auto and an Apple car play facility. It ensures safety and convenience while you are using your smartphone. You can simply connect your android smartphone iPhone device to your car Eonon system. You can use the smart voice assistant and touch screen display for making calls, getting directions, receiving text messages and all. Apart from this, you can listen to your Spotify music as well.

  • This system is compatible with Carplay and Android Auto.
  • You can get the facility of the Android 10 version.
  • You can enjoy the great car audio improvement as well.
  • You can enjoy overall good facilities with this Android head unit.
  • It is not an affordable option.

2. Eonon BMW 3 Series 9-inch Screen:

Eonon BMW 3 Series 9-inch Screen


You have already known the features of the Eonon BMW E46 stereo upgrade. But if you want a big screen than the previous one then, you should check out this one. It will not integrate your console like the previous one. It is larger than a 2 DIN slot. This offers a 9-inch screen display with so many features including modern vehicles features and a great look as well.

You can get a bigger and better display. But you will get a 16 GB storage facility. Apart from the storage shortage, everything is the same just like the Eonon 7-inch model. It also offers Apple Car Play and Android Auto for improving convenience and safety issues. You can get strong amplification and great audio as well. But you should check some pros and cons before buying this product.

  • It is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.
  • You can get an awesome 9-inch display screen.
  • You can enjoy the great sound quality and amplification as well.
  • It is a good one and value for money.
  • There are no such cons.

3. NVGEOTEV Unit for BMW E46 stereo upgrade:



This BMW E46 stereo upgrade offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. You can get a 7-inch screen display with the perfect screen resolution and impressive colours. It is a plus point of this unit. It is very fast in operation. All credit goes to the quad-core MediaTek processor. You can get enough storage options. You have plenty of memory for your most-used applications. You can store there a lot of music. It will ensure you the best driving experience. You can load so much offline music there and many more offline maps as well.

It offers you great split-screen functionality. With this mode, you can run two apps side by side. It is a very much useful feature. You can use half of your screen for the navigation details and another half for the audio playing purpose. The integration of this model is good and the overall result is outstanding as well. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this product:

  • You will get a perfect screen size and a good image quality as well.
  • You will get enough storage space with this unit.
  • You can get the feature of factory steering wheel control.
  • You will get all these features at an affordable price.
  • You may experience some lack of tuner settings with this unit.

So, you can up to date your BMW E46 stereo upgrade with an up-to-date head unit. It is a great way to modernize your car interior. The perfect car’s multimedia navigation will offer you a safe and more convenient driving facility. The contemporary design will give you a perfect look. You can improve the sound clarity and quality compared to the secretary system. Some units may offer you full integration with offering mirror link, personal phone link and Apple Car Play and Android Auto features. It offers you an unquestionable facility and safety. You will enjoy your driving and experience a level of comfort. You will be focused while driving on road. So, why are you waiting? You need to install any one of these and enjoy your music and change your driving experience.


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