PUBG Mobile is a quite interesting gaming product available in the eGaming industry. The number of professional players involved in this game keeps growing day by day. Having mastered the gameplay, they are capable of quickly reacting to game actions. 

As a beginner, you may find it difficult to compete against more experienced players in tournaments. However, there is a great way for beginners to play almost like a pro! All they need is to purchase reliable PUGB mobile triggers! You should keep reading this article to find out more about those devices as well as other helpful information. 

What Is PUBG?

It stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a popular online multiplayer battle game released by a corporation of the same name. The game is inspired by the film Battle Royale released in Japan in 2000. Up to 100 players can participate in it at once. 

All of them parachute onto an island where they search for weapons and equipment, aiming at destroying others and survive. Eventually, there is only one player or team wins. You will be fighting in both urban and rural environments which you can navigate using a map. 

What Are the Requirements to Play the Game?

Before you begin playing this game, you should ensure that you have everything that you need to enjoy a smooth performance. Since it is an online game, you need to have a stable internet connection. 

The options that you can use include:

  • Wi-Fi (a preferred option)
  • mobile network

The game can be played on devices powered by both Android and iOS. There are certain system requirements you should pay your attention to.

If you use an Android-based device, you need to have the following:

  • Android 5.1+
  • RAM 2GB or more
  • Storage 2GB or more

If you have a device running on the iOS operating system, then ensure compliance with the following requirements:

  • iOS 9.0+
  • RAM 4 GB or more

How to Use PUBG Mobile Triggers?

Apparently, the ability to react fast and shoot quickly is crucial in action games. Professional players can use their thumbs, but beginners will enjoy much more comfort using triggers. They are specially designed devices to attach on a smartphone or tablet for playing games conveniently. They have buttons that allow simulating the touch of a human finger. This is how players can comfortably hold their phones while getting full control over the gameplay. 

Initially, triggers were specially developed for PUBG. This mobile game requires players to perform several actions simultaneously. In particular, by using triggers for PUBG, which are also called L1 R1 buttons, you can open the sight of your weapon and shoot with your pointer fingers. The device allows doing that in a quick and effortless way. 

Another great advantage of using such devices is that they do not sweat like human fingers, so no fingerprints are left on a screen. Thanks to a special foam finish, the screen remains fully protected from damages. Today, those devices come in different designs, sizes, colors, and features. 

How to Change Settings?

To play the game with the help of such a product, you need to make a few adjustments first. Just follow the instructions provided below:

  • Open the mobile game.
  • Go to the Setting section.
  • Press on the Control button.
  • Click the Customize feature.
  • Now you need to move the buttons used for shooting and aiming to the top left and right corners.
  • Set the buttons to the needed position on the screen.
  • Save the changes.

17 Best PUGB Triggers

Below you will find the best PUBG triggers to choose from:

#1 — Meyaar PUBG Triggers

The product features an aggressive red-black design and allows each player to enjoy a high level of convenience. Thanks to sensitive to touch buttons, you will be able to shoot quickly for a long time without getting tired. The product is very easy to use, so it is suitable for inexperienced players. Just attach it on your mobile device, adjust settings, and you are ready to go! 

The main advantages include:

  • sensitive to touch buttons
  • good design
  • great gaming experience even for beginners 

#2 —Triggers by RPM

Are you looking for excellent build quality? In this case, you should consider buying this product. It comes with a high rating on plenty of online stores. The trigger for PUBG mobile will not make any scratches to your screen, and there will be no marks on it. The metal body ensures high durability. 

The main advantages include:

  • long service life 
  • high ratings
  • great build quality 

#3 — Triggers by MStick

This product is suitable for smartphones of different sizes. The stability of PUBG mobile triggers on your phone is ensured with a clamp. You just need to press a button slightly to get the needed effect. Using your pointer fingers, you can do different actions simultaneously. 

The main advantages include:

  • durability
  • high sensitivity
  • possibility of doing several actions at the same time using pointer fingers only

#4 — GH852 by JCTEK

This product is made of durable PVC plastic. The clip is adjustable, and the rubber is anti-scratch, which ensures a safe and convenient gaming experience. The highly sensitive to touch buttons allow conducting gaming actions virtually without effort. 

The main advantages include:

  • high sensitivity
  • anti-scratch rubber
  • durable PVC plastic

#5 — Triggers BattleMods-X2 by SpinBot

This product by Spinbot is specially created for fast-paced games like PUBG. It belongs to the best PUBG triggers that can be purchased today. Thanks to grips, you will feel like using console controllers. It comes with technology stimulating a human touch.

The main advantages include:

  • ergonomic design
  • advanced technology working as a human touch
  • easy setup

#6 — Triggers by Baseus

These PUBG triggers fit snugly into your hand, so stability is what you can count on when using this product. The smart button design allows placing fingers naturally, so you can play for a long time without experiencing any fatigue. It is possible to use 4 fingers conveniently. The design of the device comes in red and black colors. 

The main advantages include:

  • sensitive to touch buttons 
  • stability of the device during playing games
  • low weight and portability

#7 — PUBG Controller by Secro

It features a thought-through design and allows for using 4 fingers. You will not have to spend lots of effort to play the game and will be shooting conveniently on the go. The device will work perfectly on small to large smartphones. This will surely allow you to enjoy a great gaming experience when playing PUBG. Also, the small size ensures portability. 

The main advantages include:

  • suitable for smartphones of different sizes
  • low weight and compact design
  • easy to use
  • sensitive to touch buttons

#8 —Triggers (KKJ-PUBG) by Pounla Electronics

Those are the most budget-friendly options for beginners. This product has a convenient metallic design, which prevents it from moving when being attached to a screen. This lightweight product comes in a very small size. It can be used with devices that have a case and screen protector. 

The main advantages include:

  • cool metallic design
  • stable position on a screen
  • a tiny size
  • low weight 

#9 — PUBG Mobile Triggers by Blendia

This item is of high quality, so the durability is ensured. The material used in the production is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic. The item is compatible with smartphones running on different operating systems, including Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for devices with thick covers, or you can simply remove such a cover before using the trigger.

The main advantages include:

  • good build quality
  • sensitive to touch buttons
  • compatibility with different devices 

#12 — eDUST K01

These PUBG triggers will surely serve you for a long time thanks to the high-quality metallic material. At the same time, the item is lightweight and small, which allows for carrying it around without any problems. With this controller, you can conduct various actions (such as moving, shooting, etc.) simultaneously while using only pointer fingers. 

The main advantages of these PUBG mobile triggers include:

  • portable device
  • nice ergonomic design
  • durable material

#13 — Triggers by Anytech

They work perfectly on mobile devices, in particular for shooters. Using this product feels like playing with a joystick. The buttons are sensitive to touch, so you will find it easy and enjoyable to use them. The device is scratch resistant. Thanks to the internal rubber grip, the trigger for PUBG will be securely installed on your smartphone or tablet. 

The main advantages include:

  • easy to use
  • sensitive to touch buttons
  • compatible with various devices

#14 — Triggers by Ebug

With Ebug’s device, you will not need to use your thumbs to play PUBG any longer. This is how you will get control over all the actions. It is possible to use this device while your smartphone is being charged. 

The main advantages include:

  • comfort in use
  • possibility to charge a smartphone while playing

#14 — Triggers by ROQ 

These lightweight PUBG mobile triggers are made of quality plastic and metal. Thanks to the smart design, it remains stable while you are playing. Do not worry about damaging your screen when using it. It is suitable for devices wearing a cover or screen protector with up to 10-mm thickness.

The main advantages include:

  • low weight
  • portability
  • durable materials
  • stability during play

#15 — Triggers by Noymi

This device ensures a high response speed, so you will be able to shoot your enemies quickly. There is a battery that can last for eight hours. Also, these PUBG mobile triggers have a cooling fan, which allows your smartphone to keep a safe temperature.

The main advantages include:

  • great response speed
  • stable installation on a smartphone
  • a cooling fan

#16 — Trigger by Magbot 

It is another good device you can avail of to win in countless battles. You will enjoy the smooth performance when using it. There are short and long buttons, which ensures a high level of convenience. The buttons are made of material ensuring good durability. Stability is provided through a secure grip.

The main advantages include:

  • great sensitivity
  • metal buttons of different length
  • durability 

#17 — Triggers by Mobistik 

This device is created to prevent any damage to a screen. It can be used on devices of different sizes. Players can employ 4 fingers to play PUBG or other exciting games for mobile users. These PUBG mobile triggers are a decent choice to use for shooting during movement. 

The main advantages include:

  • scratch-resistant device
  • prevention of any marks appearing on a screen
  • suitable for smartphones of different sizes
  • adapted to using all 4 fingers
  • convenient in use

How to Choose Perfect PUBG Mobile Triggers?

As you can see, you have an extensive list of the tools to play PUGB available for purchasing, but how to pick the best PUBG triggers? To help you choose a suitable option quickly, we have prepared the following tips:

  • Resistance from scratches. This will allow protecting your smartphone from damage.
  • Low weight and portability. Since you are going to use it on your mobile device, you will need to carry it around in a convenient way.
  • Comfort. There are various designs to choose from, and you should pick a product that allows you to enjoy the utmost convenience.
  • Durability. PUBG is not the only mobile game that can be played with this device. So, it is better to decide on a product that you will be able to use for a long time.
  • Reliable internal finish. It is essential to prevent damages to your device.
  • No need to have a break for charging. You do not want to wait until your phone is fully charged. So, pick a model that allows for charging right during the game.
  • Best value for money. While you want to find a low price, you should also mind the quality. 


All in all, triggers are a very useful tool for everyone who enjoys playing different shooting games, including PUBG. Today, you have a wide choice of such products, which may make it difficult to pick something particular. However, by following our tips and picking something from our list, you will have a great gaming time. 


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