Scorching down the road on a motorcycle is undoubtedly fun. Feeling your blood pumping and adrenaline rising is an extremely satisfying experience. However, this sort of fun has to be taken with responsibility. Safety measures while driving any vehicle have to be followed thoroughly, especially when it comes to such dangerous machines like motorcycles. Picking a suitable helmet can be a real lifesaver.

Modular helmets have become seriously popular among motorcycle drivers. This category of helmets has a variety of advantages that make it so efficient and safe. In this article, we will discuss those characteristics that compose the best modular helmet.

Why Should You Buy Modular Helmet?

First of all, what is exactly a modular helmet? To put it simply, it is a blend of both full-face and open-face gears. They are safe, reliable and protective like full-face helms and at the same time open and comfortable enough just like open-face models. There is no need to remove the entire gear to open it, which provides more freedom to a driver.

There are plenty of perks that make the best modular helmet. Here is a short listing of its prominent benefits:

  • Modular motorcycle helmets safeguard a driver from climatic conditions as effectively as a full-face one. You can stop worrying about wind, rain, sand, snow and other distractions obstructing your vision. This allows riding in almost any weather without additional difficulties;
  • These helmets provide complete protection like the full-face models while allowing comfortable freedom without taking them off. You can lift the visor up to let some fresh air in. This is exceptionally convenient during hot days when it is easy to break into perspiration wearing any gear. It is also possible to take a step further with lifting the chin guard up. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to have a drink or even grab some quick food. It is much easier to talk to other drivers or take a phone call without taking the whole thing off. However, the helmet still has to be closed while driving to ensure full protection;
  • Some models are equipped with a sun screen. It is inconvenient to wear sunglasses while in a helmet, which makes this feature a handy solution for sunny days;
  • An air ventilation system in such helmets is masterfully designed to release hot air. A respirable helmet makes driving much more convenient, allowing its owner to focus on the road instead of thinking about breathing some fresh air;
  • Specific models include an air pump. This is the best modular helmet because due to the pump, it can adapt to the form and size of the driver’s head. Fillers inside the equipment can inflate making it more versatile and fitting for everybody. This contributes to general comfort by preventing the gear from moving and to the degree of safety at the same time. The pressure inside makes it more protective.

There is a huge variety of diverse gear models with unique features, sizes and color schemes. You can definitely find the best modular motorcycle helmet for yourself by taking into account all these handy characteristics.

How Do I Know if a Helmet will Fit Me?

The key criterion for picking the best modular helmet is how it fits an operator’s head. A properly fitted gear will not only feel comfortable while in use but also provide appropriate protection. Choosing the proper size might be confusing at first, but this short guideline will assist in defining the finest option:

  1. First of all, you will need to measure your head. Wrap a tape measure around it (to get the fullest measurement, the tape should go a little higher than the eyebrows). Every brand provides a size chart for their products. Check the chart in order to find the size fitting your dimensions. You can also search for modular helmet reviews online to learn about popular brands;
  2. Another criterion is the shape of your head since a wider or longer bone structure will certainly affect the fit. All the equipment usually splits into three categories according to head shapes. These are round, intermediate oval and long oval. You can ask someone to take a picture of your head from up high in order to figure out the correct shape. A round-shaped head should remind more of a circle from above; an intermediate oval one is just a little longer from rear to front than from ear to ear; a long oval head has a bigger length from back to front than between the ears. If you are unsure about the shape, you can start with an intermediate-sized helmet and try it on;
  3. After figuring out the right measurements and shape, it is time to try a helmet on. The best modular helmet should be tight and comfortable around your head. If it slips on easily without having to pull it down, this means that it is too large. You should apply some effort to put it on for your head to be protected securely. After putting it on try moving and rotating the helmet. If it moves without any resistance, and the skin on your face does not move with it, it is too big. A correctly fitted motorcycle helmet should apply some even pressure all around the head. However, it should not be too tight to cause major inconvenience.

Does It Have Bluetooth?

When interested in buying the most efficient and secure model, look for the best modular helmet with Bluetooth installed. The majority of motorcycle owners decide to purchase Bluetooth compatible models because of their advantages.

The main reason for selecting this feature is added safety. It is extremely dangerous to drive and talk via a mobile phone at the same time. However, sometimes there is a need to communicate with someone, which becomes much safer and easier with this wireless equipment. You are not risking as much as you would do while driving and holding a phone. Thanks to voice control, you can manipulate Bluetooth without taking your hands off of handlebars.

In addition, you can easily reach out for help via this technology in case of crashing. This is especially helpful in the event of receiving injuries. You will not have to move or take the gear off to call for help.

In order to choose the best modular Bluetooth helmet, you can read reviews online or consult with a specialist at a store.

Is Modular Helmet Quiet?

Different helmets provide a certain level of noise protection. It is important to choose a quiet gear in order to protect your hearing. This is especially necessary if you are a frequent driver. Riding a motorcycle often involves high speed, which produces loud noises. This can result in hearing problems developing over time, so make sure to invest in a soundproof helmet.

Luckily, it is easy to find the best modular helmet, because they are usually quiet enough to provide a comfortable driving experience.

When Should I Replace My Motorcycle Helmet?

It is generally recommended to replace helmets every five years. In some cases, a replacement might be needed every three years. Best modular helmets are made of high-quality materials and can serve their owners for many years. Of course, after wearing a helmet for years, it can deteriorate both inside and outside. Sweat, hair grease, weather conditions, and other factors influence the longevity of your helmet.

Another reason for changing a helmet is being involved in a crash. Even the best modular helmet will be damaged to some extent after protecting the driver in the accident. In this case, it is better to buy a new one, even if the old helmet is still somewhat usable. Safety always comes first.

What Is DOT Certification?

The DOT certification is a standard, determining approved helmets distributed in the USA. Even the best modular helmet has to have this certification in order to be allowed for usage. To receive this certification, a piece of equipment has to meet certain requirements. Some of them include penetration and impact resistance. All the necessary tests are carried out to find out if the gear is secure enough.

The list of best rated modular motorcycle helmets is updated every year with models that pass all the necessary trials. They are released on the market, and thousands of motor-bicycle drivers choose the best modular helmet based on its characteristics.

Is Modular Helmet Safe?

In order to answer this question, you will have to find out whether it has the DOT certification or not. If the helmet has it, then it is as safe as it could be. Of course, even the best modular helmet will not provide a 100% guarantee of saving your life if you drive irresponsibly or get involved in a crash accidentally. However, it does provide sufficient protection to save a driver in most motorcycle accidents. Statistics show that the risk of death and serious injuries reduces by almost 40% if a motor-bicycle operator wears a helmet.

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