BC Racing Coilovers 350z

BC Racing Coilovers 350z


BC coilovers 350z will help you make the most out of your Nissan 350z, Nissan Fairlady Z, Z33, or Infiniti G35. There is no need to splurge on a fancy alternative — this affordable suspension offers great value for money, even despite its sub-1000 segment. The coilovers are packed with adjustment features, so they will not let you down. In this review, we will take a closer look at the 350z set from BC Racing.

As the parts are adjustable, the model is suitable for both daily driving and track racing. 350z BC coilovers will help you in any local drift or Autocross event. They make the vehicle easy to control at high speeds. Here is everything you need to know about the suspension specifications, features, construction materials, and spring rates.

What Makes These Coilovers Special

You could suppose BC Racing Coilovers 350z should be too cheap to be impressive. Maybe the manufacturer stripped the best features off of their higher-end coilovers to get to this price? They absolutely did not.

Where BC Racing must have saved is adjustable rebound and compression dampening. In BC Racing Coilovers 350z, these are adjusted together, not independently. However, not every driver requires independent adjustability. For most buyers, this is hardly an issue.

BC BR Coilovers 350z (part number D-107-BR) go lower than alternatives. This makes them a popular daily driving option. Those who prioritize form want to go as low as possible, and this suspension allows them to achieve the goal inexpensively.

In general, the coilovers are perfect if your needs include regular daily driving and occasional track days. Of course, if you want to get really competitive with the car you may consider something fancier — the ER series and above. In other cases, BC Racing Coilovers 350z should suit you fine.

Smarter Height Adjustment Solution

Most entry-level coilovers straightforwardly adjust the height. The spring perch is moved upwards, which changes the spring rate. It will let your vehicle go super low, but the drawbacks are obvious: driving will feel extremely stiff, uncomfortable, and bouncy. With BC Racing Coilovers 350z, adjustment is a different story. In this regard, the model also adds a ton of value.

BC Racing puts an adjustable body on the coilover. In essence, this is a threaded shock tube, and the structure gives two important benefits. First, the coilover can bolt into your vehicle easily.

Secondly, the structure allows you to adjust the ride height separately from your spring rate. With this model, you can maintain the most comfortable spring rate, but achieve the lowness you desire.

The BC Racing Coilovers 350z is a great budget option. Its monotube design, along with adjustable damping and height, makes it handy and aesthetically pleasing. Pillowball top mounts are the cherry on the cake. The price (under $1,000) should not raise suspicions as the manufacturer is well-established and trusted.

What the Kit Includes

BC Racing Coilovers 350z are assembled by hand, and the quality of each kit is ensured by rigorous control protocols. The brand prides itself on delivering excellent suspension products that add value. The system allows changing of damping and spring rates as you see fit. Despite the low price, BC Racing Coilovers 350z were not designed as an entry-level kit.

This multifaceted set works well across different auto disciplines. It is RS Type — i.e., includes a Rubber style Front and Rear top hats. The adjustment levels allow you to change rebound and compression damping. The height may be modified either manually (if you are a mechanic) or using the corresponding knobs.

Pillowball mounts function as an upper bearing. You do not have to take apart your old suspension to use the top hat of the rubber mount. The pillowball mounts lock the part in place during the process — this is highly important, as it must be static. The supports give feedback, helping you evaluate your suspension and improve steering response. Here are the key features of BC Racing Coilovers 350z:

  • mono-tube shock design;
  • adjustable damping force (30 levels);
  • adjustable rebound and compression (together);
  • adjustable camber plates (front and rear);
  • pillowball mounts;
  • full-length adjustment of height (separate).

The BC Racing Coilovers 350z kit may also include camber plates for the front and the rear (optional). These also help you achieve ideal alignment. The coilovers look great, and their performance is very decent.

Spring rates are 12K Front, 5K Rear for standard kits, and 14K Front,12K Rear for Extreme Low kits, which are considered custom. You may also specify your desired rate when ordering the model. BC springs provide rates up to 18K. If you need anything higher, opt for a Swift spring upgrade. All customized kits require a 3-4 lead time before they can be shipped.

The kit offers the best of both worlds: it is suitable for daily driving needs and occasional track performance. The popularity of BC Racing Coilovers 350z is therefore unsurprising. For under $1,000 you get adjustable height and damping. Importantly, height adjustment does not affect piston or spring stroke. At the very least, you can expect a 2-inch drop and 30 damping levels.

Best Value for Money

Stock suspension often leaves room for improvement, and 350z is no exception. In 2021, the first Z33’s are turning 19 years old. Obviously, early models need enhancement, and the BC Racing Coilovers 350z are a great cost-effective choice. Replacement of a weary suspension must be a priority for every driver.

Another benefit of the suggested model is that individual parts are produced separately. This means you may easily rebuild your suspension or upgrade it.

For example, if you decide to switch to dual adjustable ER-series, this will only require a switch of the strut portion.

Last but not least, BC Racing Coilovers 350z will give you confidence, which is so important for driving. The feedback will prevent you from going over the line. Considering the price, this model brings unmatched value.

Is There a Catch?

So, is BC Racing Coilovers 350z absolutely faultless? Aside from the linked adjustment of compression and rebound, you may find the mounting a bit complicated. In the rear, you may need to cut a hole in the side of the mount, so you can adjust the dampening. Many drivers would prefer to see remote mounting, but this is hardly feasible.

Is It Time to Replace Your Nissan 350z’s Suspension?

If you still drive a Z33 Nissan 350z (once known as the Fairlady Z), upgrading your vehicle is a must. While the quality of the OEM suspension is decent, it cannot last forever. On average, the shock and strut must be replaced after every 50,000 miles.

Drivers have to replace their stock suspension sooner or later — it is a matter of safety. If you do not want to spend over $1,000 on the change, BC Racing Coilovers 350z are your best bet. Why replace, when you can upgrade for the same price or even cheaper!

You cannot go wrong with BC Racing Coilovers 350z. They offer 30 levels of adjustment, including height, rebound, and compression. This is a bargain from a reputable manufacturer — these parts are bound to add value to your vehicle.

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