Best Car Performance Meter

best Car Performance Meter

When buying a car, every person would like to have a full picture of its technical characteristics. One of the important characteristics is the car dynamics and performance parameters. Of course, we can always check the data provided by the manufacturer who carried out all the measurements. Indeed, before launching a car in a series, each car manufacturer conducts different tests, with the help of which it checks the vehicle for reliability, quality, and safety. If any problems are identified, engineers make changes to the machine. Further, before serial production, cars are signed with particular technical characteristics.

Of course, these data are subsequently corrected and averaged, so you cannot trust it at 100%. But what is the significance of acceleration or performance in a particular car? How can you measure it? What devices can be used for this purpose? These are some of the questions that many have.

How to measure car performance?

It is rather difficult to measure the acceleration time without special means since the speedometer overestimates the readings, and the analogue scale is not convenient for determining the moment of reaching a new speed. In addition, during such measurements, the driver must also monitor the situation on the road. Luckily, with special devices and applications, such problems will not arise. You just need to turn on an auto performance meter, launch the application, and press the “Start” button. The solution will automatically measure the acceleration time.

There are different devices on the market these days, and many of them have proven to be effective car performance meters. Let’s figure out how such devices work and what features they have. In general terms, car performance meters use data from an accelerometer and GPS. When making records of values ​​from all sensors, it becomes possible to calculate the following parameters:

  • Speed;
  • Acceleration;
  • Travel distance/time;
  • etc.

Besides that, all modern smartphones have an accelerometer and GPS sensors. It is with their help that the application takes measurements. Thanks to these ultra-sensitive iPhone sensors and a unique algorithm, the dedicated app calculates the acceleration time of the car to the desired speed accurately. A professional device mounted on the windshield allows you to get a complete picture of the dynamics of the car.

If you are looking for the best car performance meter, feel free to pick any of the top 3 options we feature below. Each of them provides accurate measurement results, is easy to use, offers a dedicated mobile app, and can be synced with different programs.


The Dragy GPS car performance meter is a truly revolutionary device. It is not just a high-precision GPS transmitter; you can also use it as an independent device with a unique mobile application for iOS and Android. Easy connection, intuitive application interface, and a big pack of features — all these make the Dragy GPS car performance meter stand out from the crowd of similar solutions. Some other features that professional motorists admit are high accuracy and absolute truthfulness of measurements, which have been verified by laser telemetry.

To start using the solution, you need to download the Dragy app in the AppStore for iOS or Google Play for Android. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect the module via the app. The latter can use the smartphone camera to record a video of the race.

Dragy uses high-speed GPS satellites to accurately measure your vehicle’s performance within 1/100th of a second. The device provides accurate results just like an expensive VBOX system but in a cheaper and easy-to-use package. Get the same measurement results as the most expensive GPS loggers offer, without overpaying.

The device is very compact. With dimensions of only 25.4 mm x 76.2 mm, it can be easily installed on a torpedo or in a cup holder when measuring. When Dragy is no longer needed, you can simply drop it into the glove box or armrest. It will also not take up a lot of space in the car’s glove compartment.

The car performance meter works with both iOS and Android smartphones. The program works in parallel with the JB4 program and other Bluetooth programs; it can record measurement videos. You can then overlay them with a speed display and share them with your friends.


Racebox is a multifunctional in-car performance meter for measuring car dynamics. Although the device is rather powerful, it has quite a few very useful and necessary functions, such as:

  • Estimation of engine power;
  • Storing results in internal memory;
  • Road slope monitoring;
  • Lap timer with the best time statistics;
  • Checkpoint timer with better time statistics;
  • Braking distance at any speed and average deceleration;
  • GPS sensors: speed, acceleration, altitude, course, time, etc .;
  • Roll-out mode.

However, some of the Racebox Pro Kits deserve your special attention and will be definitely loved by enthusiastic motorists:

  • Measurement report storage on memory cards;
  • Complete log record in made CSV, GPX, or VBO formats;
  • Support for all key mobile applications;
  • OBD data logging.

When connected to mobile devices, the Racebox acts as an external 16 Hz GNSS receiver. The connection to mobile devices is carried out according to the BLE standard (Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy), so operation with the Racebox is possible on both iOS and Android devices. The solution provides detailed reports and accurate measurement results.

Racebox advantages:

  • Multifunctionality — Racebox has everything you need to assess the dynamics of your vehicle;
  • Easy installation — A micro-USB cable for powering the device and a windshield bracket with a suction cup are included in the kit;
  • Simple controls — You just to click one big red (or blue) button to switch to the full mode view and adjust settings to your needs;
  • Design — The moulded plastic case of simple shapes and the front panel with two color options are made in the classic industrial design and will perfectly fit into any interior of any car.

You may think that professional drivers will benefit from the car performance meter. Racebox has something for different categories of users:

  • For car tuning enthusiasts who want to objectively confirm the effectiveness of car improvements;
  • Car enthusiasts who need a tool to objectively assess their driving success and achievements;
  • Automobile mechanics who offer chip tuning and other vehicle performance enhancements to showcase their performance to customers;
  • For ordinary car owners who want to unleash the real possibilities of their cars.

Since the Racebox car performance meter is a mid-price device, almost everyone can afford to buy it.

Race Logic

Race Logic is a high-precision GPS device, the task of which is to measure the instantaneous and peak speed, overload during acceleration, braking, lateral overloads, dynamic indicators within certain limits, and other important parameters that may be important when analyzing the technical characteristics of a sports car. In addition, this device is indispensable in the training process.

The GPS car performance meter is available in three versions — PB01, PB02, and PB03. The three do not differ in their functionality but only in the peripheral elements, they have.

  • The PB01 pack contains Perfromance Box, a car power supply, a windshield mount, and an app.
  • When it comes to the PB02 kit, comes with a USB cable for a PC connection, 2GB SD card, and mains power supply.
  • PB03 is a mix of PB01 and PB02; this car performance meter option also includes a cover and an external antenna.

Wondering what RaceLogic can do for you? To let you get an idea, here are the main technical characteristics of the solution:

  • GPS module with built-in antenna and 20 Hz data update rate;
  • An option to connect the device to an external GPS antenna;
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with a working time of 6-8 hours;
  • Bluetooth module that works well with iPhone and iPad;
  • Waterproof housing; USB charging;
  • Ability to record logs to SD card;
  • Free applications for iOS — Performance Test (dynamics) and VBOX Laptimer (analysis of circular tracks);
  • Log data format is compatible with Harry’s Lap Timer app for iOS and Android;
  • Free applications for analyzing data logs for Windows — PerformanceBox Tools and VBO.

When purchasing the RaceLogic car performance meter pack, you have a hardware and software complex that includes a powerful GPS tracker/logger. It transmits data in real-time to iOS devices and software with built-in algorithms for processing and calculating measurement parameters. What can be measured with the Performance Test app? You are not limited to a single thing here:

  • Acceleration time between two set speeds;
  • Deceleration time between two set speeds;
  • Acceleration of deceleration and acceleration;
  • Power of the car;
  • Travel time.

All these data from the car performance meter help you assess car performance and capacity better.

Final Say

Instead of trusting standard car parameters from the manufacturer, you can always run such a check yourself and get 100% accurate and up-to-date data. What is more, the best car performance meter is good to use if you have customized it and want to know how it has impacted your car performance.

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