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If you’re serious about drifting, selecting the right set of tires is a vital step. In addition to the choice of the best tires for drifting, you should consider a whole host of factors that will allow for achieving maximum efficiency. This issue primarily concerns the size of car rims.

When choosing rear wheels, you need to select the best tires for drifting with high sidewalls. They will endure all the loads during sharp turns and ensure a smooth skid of the car’s rear. The smaller the sidewall, the more chances that the wheels will break, and you will encounter a tire burst.

The front tires, in contrast to the rear ones, are used for controlling the vehicle. If the front wheels are too thick and wide, skid steering can be unpredictable.

Pay Attention to Protectors

The basis for the selection of tires for drifting is an intelligent choice of treads. This element ensures traction and controls the motorcar during a skid. The rear wheels should have minimal grip when it comes to drifting. Usually, pro riders choose bald tread tires. They provide the vehicle with the necessary lateral grip, and the driver can better control the car during a skid.

As for the front tires, they must have the maximum grip. Choose models with rigid treads. Selecting the wrong tires can result in the pilot losing traction on the front axle. Below, there is a list of the five best drift tires that are the most popular among street riders and professionals today.

Best Drift Tires: TOYO PXR8R

This brand has long earned a top-level of trust among drift and street racing enthusiasts. It is not uncommon to find tire models offered at a lower price point than comparable models from premium brands.

If you really love drifting and want to grab the best tires for drifting, then the Toyo PXR8R is your go-to choice. This model is nearly flawless when it comes to powerful drifting or professional racing driving.

The manufacturer claims that this model has the perfect proportion of the tread with enhanced traction, reinforced with a special silicon dioxide compound. Toyo designed them explicitly for drifters to withstand extreme pressures in tight corners and drifts.

Equally important is the Arrowhead’s smart tread design. The tread direction advances traction on the route in dry and wet conditions. It is the most crucial advantage of this model, which you are unlikely to find in more expensive counterparts.

These tires perform well in dry and rainy weather for better grip and excellent control when entering a skid. Many professionals have already chosen this tire model, which testifies to their efficiency and reliability.

Important characteristics:

  • Fantastic responsiveness;
  • Ideally withstands extreme loads;
  • Excellent wet and dry grip;
  • Five-star braking performance on damp surfaces;
  • Longer service life compared to expensive analogs.

Good Drift Tires: Falken Azenis

This brand is often coming as a sponsor of drifting competitions. It put maximum effort in creating an exclusive range of tires suitable for drifting and extreme driving. Today, the model is an example of tires that are great for extreme loads.

These best tires for drifting combine such parameters as price and quality. If you look for super-responsive tires with outstanding durability, then you have come to the right place.

Drifters note that the driver gets an exceptional racing experience and can entirely control the vehicle while entering a skid. Accurate control and excellent handling characteristics are the essential traits of this model.

The real trump card in the sleeve is the special tire tread for excellent skid control in dry and wet conditions. The well-thought-out rubber compound demonstrates excellent damp resistance. But, more importantly, these drift tires are second to none for everyday use.

The Falken has made every effort to create the most efficient tread pattern. Using them as daily tires, you will ensure that the wheels generate minimal road noise and can be instantly applied for drifting maneuvers. According to the feedback of some drivers, the ride quality of this model is a bit harsh.

The essential characteristics:

  • Next to the impossible responsiveness level;
  • Excellent grip on various road surfaces;
  • Increased standards of controllability;
  • Suitability for daily urban driving.

Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601

When it comes to choosing cheap drift tires, experienced professionals opt for this model. By fitting these tires to your vehicle, you will witness an unforgettable drifting experience. This applies to smooth and controlled drifts. Plus, you don’t have to take the shirt off your back to buy it straight away.

This model’s level of responsiveness is in no way inferior to premium tires at a significantly higher price and more effective performance.

To maximize efficiency, the brand has focused on improving traction levels. Granting that the rubber is more suitable for dry roads, the hydroplaning resistance is impressive. But, more importantly, you can use these tires not only for drifting but also for everyday driving on city roads.

The noise level deserves special attention. It has been significantly lowered due to the thoughtful tread pattern. This indicator is also vital, especially when it comes to dry roads in the summer.

One of this model’s main benefits is that the manufacturer guarantees that the tread will last at least 25,000 miles. It is unlikely that you will find similar figures in the category of drift tires or models for extreme driving.

The essential characteristics:

  • Fantastic handling abilities;
  • Surprisingly high traction and grip performance;
  • Superb control on damp roads;
  • Tread service guaranteed up to 25,000 miles.


The famous tire manufacturer has developed a whole family of Ventus models. These drift tires have come a long way and have finally reached the highest point in performance against premium models. The first version of these tires has shown excellent performance and has been warmly received by the automotive drifter community.

However, it does not appear that Hankook has decided to stop there. It has created a more advanced version that is a real leap in performance and durability.

These best tires for drifting are great for sporty driving, and they are very often used for extreme drifts. The most important advantage of this model is the low price. It is a significant factor as riders are forced to change tires very often to find the right grip.

The superiority of this rubber also lies in the excellent retention of shape even after prolonged extreme sessions. These results were obtained through the use of advanced Racing Carbonblack Silica Compound engineering.

The striking tread pattern provides perfect traction and allows the driver to handle the vehicle when entering a corner. These metrics are some of the most important when choosing good drift tires.

The manufacturer states that the tires can be used in damp conditions. However, experienced drifters note that the model is better suited for light rain use. It is unlikely to perform well in heavy rain.

Their hydroplaning performance looks significantly worse than that of premium competitors. However, this model’s price seems much more favorable, especially when it comes to top-quality and high-performance summer tires.

Significant characteristics:

  • Excellent combination of price and quality;
  • Stable grip at high speeds;
  • Excellent vehicle handling;
  • Possibility to use in wet conditions.

Best Cheap Drift Tires: ACHILLES

These tires have been specially developed for improved grip and instant control in the most extreme drifting conditions. The entire surface of the tire tread is rigid, and it looks like a continuous block. These characteristics provide the necessary rigidity for correct cornering, extreme braking, or instant acceleration after a controlled skid.

A distinctive feature of this model is a well-designed tread surface. It provides additional stability on the track’s straight sections and contributes to the steering wheel’s higher torque. In this way, the Achilles helps to maximize driver feedback and improve vehicle control while drifting.

The manufacturer has created two models of extreme driving tires, namely, the Drift and Circuit versions. The drift model has a more reinforced block and tire shoulder characteristics. These values ​​provide excellent ground traction, especially when cornering at high speeds.

An equally important high-tech that facilitates increased operation is the Rim Guard Protection. The tread pattern offers unique vehicle control for extreme driving. As stated by the producer, the tread pattern also contributes to exceptional responsiveness during short sprints and sharp turns. Either way, you will witness superb and controlled car handling at all stages of a drifting session.

Important characteristics:

  • State-of-the-art technologies to ensure controlled drift;
  • Unique tread pattern for perfect control;
  • High indicators of wear resistance.

The choice is yours now. However, don’t chase the price anyway. Keep in mind that high-performance drift handbrake are the main factor that will ensure first-class driving experience and vehicle control. Anyway, grab the best set based on your needs exclusively!

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